Peptide StemCell Serum

Peptide StemCell Serum

An excellent blend of science and nature make a potent age-fighting serum saturated with the highest recommended concentrations of multiple bioactive peptides for influencing more youthful skin behavior, and supported by collagen-protecting fruit and botanical extracts.

Twice daily application for best results. Highly concentrated product allows for a partial pump to one pump to treat entire face and neck. Dot onto target areas, and then blend out to cover all areas.

Apple Stemcell Extract
High-tech plant cell culture technology has allowed for cultivation and extraction from a rare swiss apple species known for extreme longevity and storability to be used for supporting the longevity of skin cells. Malus Domestica fruit cell culture extract has been shown by various in-vitro experiments to protect human stem-cells. Additional studies have demonstrated age delaying and anti-wrinkle effects.

Protein fragments for facilitating cell communication, stimulating more youthful efficiency--or signal peptides--are known for improving the appearance of skin.

Matrixyl – synergistic matrix restructuring and repair matrikines work to restore and maintain youthful appearance.

Syn-Coll – stimulates collagen synthesis for wrinkle reduction.

Syn-Hycan – boosts hyaluronan and strengthens collagen fibers, fighting skin sag.

Syn-Tacks – dipeptides for improving structural integrity and firmness.

Serilesine – hexapeptide increases dermal density, improving skin compactness, elasticity, and tonicity.

Preventhalia - photoprotectant tripeptide for minimizing effects of intrinsic and extrinsic aging.

Watermelon Extract
Shown to have an ability to protect the DNA in skin cells from damage caused by UV-light induced free radicals.

Green Tea
Flavanoid-rich botanical known for interference with the glycation process, stimulating collagen synthesis, and protecting against environmental damage, inhibiting collagen degradation.

Grape Peel
Known for being a major source of antioxidant anthocyanin flavonoids and resveratrol, and a lovely color.

Hyaluronic Acid
Water-storing polysaccharide known for being a component of connective tissue and protecting cell structure.