Brightening Toner

Brightening Toner
Size: 4 oz

Brightening Toner alcohol-free botanical antioxidant toner brightens the complexion by helping to gradually diminish discoloration and even out skin tone while gently decongesting without drying out, or irritating skin. 

Directions for use: Apply with cotton once or twice daily after cleansing. 


Lemon Peel Bioferment
non-sensitizing natural tyrosinase-inhibitor increases luminosity and balances skin tone.

Grape Bioferment
extract from yeast fermentation of grape biomass works to inhibit melanin production by blocking histamine receptors, repressing transcription of melanogenic genes and reducing inflammation, resulting in a reduction of dark spots and hyperpigmentation without irritation.

Plankton Extract
acts on various stages of melanin production and deposition in the skin to homogenize the complexion and reduce size and contrast of dark spots; and induces expression of genes involved in DNA repair.

balances skin tone by safely inhibiting melanocyte activation, interrupting the pigmentation process, shown in skin lightening studies to reduce yellow skin tone starting at 4 weeks, and begin fading age spots at 8 weeks.

Willow Bark
anti-inflammatory extract known to contain natural salicylates which promote a more even complexion through non-irritating exfoliation and natural anti-microbial activity.

Witch Hazel
botanical distillate known for soothing and astringent properties.

soothing component of comfrey known for stimulating healthy tissue formation.

Also contains: purified water, Ecocert-certified probiotic preservation, natural polyhydroxy acid gluconolactone, and Japanese Honeysuckle extracts.