Clarifying Primer

Clarifying Primer
Size: 1.0 oz

Clarifying Primer | Clarifying Lotion employs naturally renewing and antibacterial botanicals to aid recovery and prevention of acne-prone skin. Clari-Prime is not a significant moisturizer, which may be particularly helpful for oily skin, but may be supplemented with a water-based hydrator or any other moisturizer that is individually suited. (Uncomfortably dry skin is not a healthy or effective solution for acne.)

Directions for use: Use once or twice daily as needed, after serums and before sunscreen or makeup. Clari-Prime has an oil mitigating effect that can require additional moisturizers in users with drier skin. If using in conjunction with a cream or oil-based moisturizer, order of application is dependent on user preference. Applying Clari-Prime last contributes to a priming esthetic that reduces shine or oiliness for a more matte finish, while earlier application may concentrate treatment effects.


Bakuchiol & Moth Bean Extract
exciting botanicals naturally mimic the effects of retinol with far less the sensitization and irritation potential.

Willow Bark
anti-inflammatory extract contains natural salicylates which promote a more even complexion through non-irritating exfoliation and natural antimicrobial activity.

totara tree heartwood extract known for powerful anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties, and to be active against acne.

age-fighting antioxidant with anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties, demonstrates the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria responsible for acne, limit lipid-peroxidation, and stimulate skin renewal.

among the numerous anti-aging skin benefits of all-natural N-Acetyl-Glucosamine (NAG), skin smoothing is a feature provided by its non-sensitizing exfoliation properties that have outperformed the early-stage use of benzoyl peroxide in acne studies.

anti-inflammatory b-vitamin known for skin repair, supports acne mitigation as well as hyaluronic acid production and skin lightening and brightening—especially when combined with glucosamine.

element of Traditional Chinese Medicine supplies an array of nutrients to strengthen and beautify skin, supporting tissue repair, damage correction and pigmentation reduction.

calming constituent of chamomile with anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties, accelerates the skin’s healing process.

soothing component of comfrey known for stimulating healthy tissue formation.

Essential Oils
pure therapeutic grade essential oils of tea tree (for antimicrobial properties useful in tackling infections and acne), and lavender (for calming).

Snow Mushroom Extract
rich source of polysaccharides that hydrate the skin many times more efficiently than hyaluronic acid to prevent over-dryness.

MCT & Emu
well-absorbed and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) anti-inflammatory tissue-reparative emollient carriers for active ingredients.

Also contains: purified water, betaine (beet sugar), vegetable glycerin, lactic acid, non-ethoxylated olive-based emulsification (ecocert-certified), green process natural plant gums, sodium phytate and plant-based probiotic preservation.