HydroGel Serum

HydroGel Serum
Size: 1 oz

HydroGel is a multi-weight Hyaluronic Acid serum for the topical application of the bio-identical water-binding glycosaminoglycan that naturally cushions and protects skin cells. The heavier weight gel smooths the skin’s surface with a dry-finish and weightless, tack-free barrier, while a slightly more permeable weight helps to better retain hydration within the stratum corneum.

Directions for use: Apply to entire clean face and neck. Follow with additional moisturizing products as desired. Hydrogel can be used following other thin water-based treatment serums or before oil or emulsion type products/moisturizers. Alone, it offers a weightless esthetic for those who don’t like to feel product on their skin or tend to produce more oil naturally.


High Weight Hyaluronic Acid
(1-1.5 million daltons) is a gelling weight HA that forms a smoothing barrier on skins surface and responds to atmospheric humidity.

Low Weight Hyaluronic Acid
(80-110 thousand daltons) is within a weight range demonstrated to most effectively increase skin elasticity, decrease wrinkle-depth, and improve wound healing by the greatest margins in human skin, but still too large to promote inflammation.

Also contains:  Vegetable glycerin and Ecocert-certified plant-sourced Probiotic Preservation