Pigment Relief

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Pigment Relief

Pigment Relief is a water-thin liposomal (delivery-enhanced) fluid that can be effortlessly incorporated into an existing or complimentary skin care regimen to naturally and non-toxically promote the amelioration of hyperpigmentation (as in hormonal/age/damage-inflicted) without irritation.

Directions for use:  A little goes a long way. Apply a few drops to broad or target areas a minimum of once or twice daily before other product applications. The more frequent the application, the more accelerated the result. Suitable for full face application (can also be used for other areas such as hands, forearms, decollete). As with all pigmentation correction, simultaneous consistent uv avoidance/protection is paramount to achieving desirable results.


Grape Ferment Extract
This extract from yeast fermentation of grape biomass works to inhibit melanin production by blocking histamine receptors, repressing transcription of melanogenic genes and reducing inflammation, resulting in a reduction of dark spots and hyperpigmentation without irritation noticeable in as little as 14 days.

Plankton Extract
Acts on various stages of melanin production and deposition in the skin to homogenize the complexion and reduce size and contrast of dark spots and induces expression of genes involved in DNA repair.

Balances skin tone by safely inhibiting melanocyte activation, interrupting the pigmentation process, shown in skin lightening studies to reduce yellow skin tone starting at 4 weeks, and begin fading age spots at 8 weeks.

Vitamin C (SAP)
Sodium ascorbyl phosphate synergizes and significantly enhances the performance of tetrapeptide-30 while offering the collagen stimulating and antioxidant benefits of ascorbic acid.

Oat Oligopeptides, Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, & Alpha-Arbutin
Optimized synergistically, this calming and anti-tyrosinase complex encourages brighter skin in as little as 4 weeks.

Lactic Acid
Promotes smoother, younger looking skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal, improving texture and tone.

Also contains: Purified water, glycerin, squalane, hydrogenated lecithin, and ecocert-certified plant-sourced probiotic preservation