Skin Assist Liquid Lotion

Skin Assist Liquid Lotion

Skin Assist | Liquid Lotion is a light water-based sprayable liquid moisturizer with NMF mimicking natural hydrators and barrier reparative ceramide complex. Can be used prior to traditional moisturizers to increase moisturization and comfort dry skin or even alone to satisfy less intensive moisture requirements.

Directions for use:  Spritz a few pumps of solution into clean hands and spread into clean skin twice daily prior to other moisturizers or moisturizing treatments used.


natural-sourced osmolyte extracted from beet sugar hydrates skin from within regardless of environmental humidity, promotes collagen, improves elasticity, and protects skin from oxidative stress.

Encapsulated Jojoba
quickly absorbed micro-droplets of non-comedogenic jojoba oil in a non-oily water suspension conditions skin and improves moisture.

preserving water-binding sugar in plants that mimics the sugars or saccharides found in skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor, effectively draws in moisture to maintain skin hydration.

skin-identical lipids restore skin’s protective barrier and offers enhanced delivery and exchange of lipids, enhancing skin moisturization and protection that can help to reduce skin sensitivity and lower irritation potential.

natto-derived phytocollagen able to penetrate the stratum corneum to hydrate and enhance skin softness and elasticity.

naturally occurring organosulfur compound and beauty mineral that enhances collagen bundles, helps manage scars, and increases the availability of other nutrients to tissues. Studies have shown abilities to improve redness, itching, and inflammation in rosacea cases, as well as a synergy with silymarin for rosacea management.

Saccharide Isomerate
100% natural sugar-based humectant creates a skin-binding moisture reservoir to keep skin hydrated for extended periods of time.

Hyaluronic Acid
natural bio-identical water-storing component of connective tissue that cushions and protects cell structure.

hydrating and soothing component of comfrey known to stimulate healthy tissue formation.

B vitamin easily absorbed by skin demonstrates synergy with allantoin, offers mitigation of itching, has an anti-inflammatory effect, and promotes stimulation of epithelization and granulation.

Licorice Root Extract 
anti-inflammatory, irritation soothing botanical with skin lightening properties. 




Also contains:  purified water, ecocert vegetable propanediol, vegetable glycerin, phospholipids, and ecocert plant-sourced probiotic preservation