Eye Stuff
Size: .42 oz

Eye Stuff is a moisturizing eye treatment cream enriched with peptides and nature-based performance ingredients designed specifically for the eye area; where lines, darkness, and sagging or puffiness are common.

Directions for use: blend a dot (approx. ¼ pump) of product between ring fingers and smooth over entirety of each eye area twice daily.


anti-edema tetrapeptide shown to reduce puffy eyebags in as little as 15 days.

collagen-synthesizing tripeptide to aid in wrinkle-filling.

tetra- and tri- peptide blend enhances skin's elasticity and firmness.

combination of active peptides able to absorb and eliminate colored blood pigments responsible for dark eye circles, brightening and thickening the skin.

Algae Extract
nourishes and promotes immediate and cumulative skin tightening effects over the long term.

tetrapeptide specifically targets sagging skin by protecting elastin and allowing the rebuilding of connective tissue.

Soy/Rice Peptides
synergistically address dark circles and puffiness by improving microcirculation and strengthening connective tissue. In-vivo tests have shown visible results after only 4 weeks.

natural compounds known to strengthen capillaries and prevent leakage that causes darkness.

behaves as an antioxidant topically, has a skin-tightening effect, and increases micro-circulation to reduce puffiness and increase brightness.

Plankton Extract
natural active increases collagen and elastin synthesis and reduces formation of advanced glycation end products, while decreasing the permeation of capillaries responsible for darkness.

Green Tea
contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant polyphenols that inhibit degradation of collagen and vascular tissues.

Beta Glucan
natural anti-aging polymer protects barrier function; repairs and protects against oxidative damage; stimulates skin regeneration and improves collagen deposition.

amino acid essential for collagen synthesis, firms skin by stimulating collagen fibers and inhibiting age-promoting elastase.

Natural Emollients
antioxidant, fatty-acid rich oils of sunflower, avocado, shea nut, and emu absorb nicely to nourish and moisturize the delicate eye area.

Also contains: purified water, ecocert-certified olive-based emulsification, fatty alcohol, citric acid, Japanese honeysuckle extract, and probiotic preservation.