At Mical Skincare we are passionate about skincare education, and believe that beautiful skin is only one step towards achieving optimal health. Designed, formulated, and produced in California, we are a company committed to real products, made by women, for women.

Mical Skincare products are formulated with natural skincare top of mind, and no sacrifice of functional ingredients. We've removed unnecessary fillers and designed functional, pure, and safe products that you can count on for results. 


Cristy Mical | Co-Founder and Formulator

Cristy Mical is a Licensed Esthetician and skin care formulator with more than a decade of experience working with and researching nutritional cosmeceuticals for naturally effective skin care. An early-adopted interest in preventative health and nutrition lead her to nutraceuticals, and their promising applications for healthy body tissues, including skin. This exciting passion for skin care was further inspired by the idea of directly feeding the skin to amplify the outside effects achieved by a healthy inside.

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After nearly fifteen years of creating her own formulas to maximize performance ingredients and avoid unnecessary and sometimes skin-compromising convention, she has continuously improved on unconventional formulas that stand up against commercially-accepted esthetics. After many years of using her own creations, Cristy is a firm believer that good skin care can supply age-preventative health for the skin, that your skin is a good investment, and that now is the time. It’s never too early to start…or too late to make a difference.

If you are interested in a one-on-one consultation or a treatment in Cristy's skin studio, please call 805-471-8000 or email

Amber Sandoval | Co-Founder

After what seems like a lifetime of hours spent at the dermatologist, and a desperate rotation of skincare products in the medicine cabinet, Amber was rescued by Cristy who offered to formulate her a line of custom products that would target acne and encourage youth and health in her complexion. With an intense interest in health and wellness, Amber had big dreams for a line of skin care products that could get the job done without being paired with synthetic hormones (the famous birth control pill) and/or heavy skin care medication from the dermatologist. That was over 10 years ago and she is proud to say she has put medical skincare behind her and could not be more excited to be a part of Mical Skincare, sharing the products and her story with women everywhere.

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Amber has an extensive background in business, marketing and design. She oversees daily operations and business development, so Cristy can spend her time in the lab designing and formulating modern skincare that works. A graduate of the Shidler College of Business at the University of Hawaii, Amber believes that a healthy body, a clear vision, and commitment to the community you live in allows business owners to deliver the best products and customer service, enhancing the well being of the local economy and the people that live in it. Amber and Cristy are excited to make Mical Skincare a healthy business that serves the people and gives back to the community, so they can continue to share with others the skin care successes they've experienced for themselves.