A.G.E. Control Lift

A.G.E. Control Lift
Size: 1 oz

A.G.E. Control Lift Solution is a hydrating water-based treatment serum that encourages firmer, more elastic skin utilizing active botanicals, designer peptides, and naturally tightening proteins.

Directions for use: Spritz 2-3 pumps into palm and spread into entire face and neck. May be applied after other active water-based treatments being used. May follow with moisturizer if needed or desired.


collagen-boosting tetrapeptide focuses on connective tissue improvement to enhance tensile strength and elastic resistance.

Rye Seed Extract
Secale Cearale, a natural anti-wrinkle active that improves skin’s mechanical resistance and tonicity.

Sacha Inchi Peptide
natural peptide from ancient Incan superfood reduces facial sagging (28-day jawline study), and restructures skin by increasing dermal density.

bio-peptide taylored after molecule found to enhance the expression of genes involved in the organization of elastic fibers and dermal cohesion resulting in increased firmness and dermal structure.

sesame-derived patented molecular active backed by studies substantiating tightening and wrinkle-releasing effects to smooth, tighten, and hydrate.

Southernwood Extract
naturally increases adipocyte density to mimic filling effects for a fuller appearance while increasing epidermal elasticity and tone.

anti-oxidant, inhibits elastin degradation to maintain skin's elasticity.

Sweet Orange Peptide
encourages fibroblast proliferation and nourishment.

Pomegranate Carbohydrates, Almond & Soy Proteins (Non-GMO)
offer film-forming properties that gently firm and tighten skin upon drying for subtle lifting effects.

Also contains:  phospholipid delivery enhancement, Jojoba Seed Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, DMAE, Honeysuckle Extracts and probiotic preservation.

*Note: Due to the remarkable skin benefits offered by Rye seed extract, this product is not gluten-free.