Conditioning A.G.E. Defense

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Conditioning A.G.E. Defense is a fragrance-free non-ethoxylated cream moisturizer. 


Appropriate for am and/or pm. May be used following other treatments.


Meadowfoam & Shea Olein:
These offer non-comedogenic skin-softening and reparative emollience with oxidative stability.

Olive Squalane:
Mimics lipids naturally found in healthy human sebum that lubricates and protects skin.

A food-grade moisturizing osmolyte from beet sugar that acts to maintain intracellular hydration.

Seakelp Bioferment:
Contains a high concentration of vitamins and minerals to deliver nutrients and provide moisture.

Gamma Oryzanol:
A moisturizing natural antioxidant active from rice bran containing ferulic acid, helps protect skin from uv aging and damage.

Collagen Peptides:
Designer tri- and tetra-peptide technology for multi-spectrum collagen synthesis.

This tetrapeptide technology fights facial redness caused by inflammation and inflammatory metabolites.

Extends the youthful lifespan of cells by a third, improves dehydration and ineffective barrier function, and also reduced redness and texture in 75 out of 100 test subjects.

Also contains: DMAE, Macadamiate (macadamia oil ester emollient), Ecocert-certified plant-sourced Probiotic Preservation, non-ethoxylated plant-based emulsification, Medium Chain Triglyceride, and Vegetable Glycerin

Conditioning A.G.E. Defense

Conditioning A.G.E. Defense

$ 52.00