Blemish Balm

Blemish Balm
Size: .3 oz

Blemish Balm | Sulfur Balm for soothing, correcting, and preventing acne blemishes, is an easily-absorbed skin-friendly non-comedogenic emollient that helps to prevent the extreme over-dryness associated with typical sulfur treatments.

Directions for use: Best as a spot treatment for active blemishes as needed. May use several applications for emerging and painful blemishes under the skin, but only 1-3 applications may be needed for surfaced blemishes.

Basic rule of thumb is to only apply until associated ache or pain has subsided, and then leave to heal naturally to avoid excessive dryness or peeling. Unopen skin of unsurfaced blemishes may be more tolerant to continuous sparing application, and some find it may be used more regularly as a preventative to intact skin in heavily acne-prone areas affected by hormones.


element abundant in nature that has antimicrobial and sebum-absorbing effects on skin, making it an effective and more gentle therapy for some types of acne lesions.

totara tree heartwood extract offers many times the antioxidant benefit of vitamin e while serving as a natural preservative and antimicrobial effective against staph, acne, and rosacea. 

Butyrospermum Parkii
non-comedogenic protective emollient from shea nut soaks easily into skin to nourish without being greasy or clogging pores.

Vegetable Fatty Acids
specialty blend of triglycerides based on saturated even-numbered, unbranched natural fatty acids of vegetable origin leaves a non-tacky, non-greasy finish on skin.

No additional ingredients.