Corrective Carno Pearl

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Corrective Carno Pearl is a corrective and renewing anti-aging treatment lotion with anti-glycation antioxidant benefits and mild exfoliating properties that may be also useful for oily or problematic skin.


This lightly moisturizing lotion may be layered with other treatment serums, and may sufficiently moisturize some skin types, but can also be used in conjunction with other moisturizers when used as a treatment with dry skin.


Pearl Powder:
Easily absorbed to nourish the skin, Pearl Powder has an extensive array of amino acids and minerals, to promote a healthy and more even complexion.

Comprised of amino acids, this antioxidant dipeptide has anti-glycation properties evidenced to prevent and even reverse glycation-induced (crosslinking of proteins) signs of aging.

Lactic Acid:
Promotes smoother, younger looking skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal, improving texture and tone.

Biosaccharide Gum:
This skin-soothing sugar binds moisture to enhance suppleness, and protects skin from irritation.

In addition to demonstrating anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties this powerful lipid-peroxidation limiting antioxidant helps preserve dermal collagen, stimulate skin renewal, reduce hyperpigmentation, and increase skin thickness.

Sacha Inchi:
Upregulates connective tissue growth factor and the genes responsible for the organization and repair of the extracellular matrix.

A nature-identical molecule, popular as an anti-aging nutritional supplement, topically promotes firm skin and cell detoxification.

An aromatic constituent of chamomile, this plant-derived terpene offers antimicrobial, soothing, and anti-irritation properties for the skin, as well as an ability to enhance the skin absorption of active ingredients.

non-comedogenic triglyceride-rich seed oil with high levels of tocopherols and phytosterols, offers superior emollience and stability.

High in vitamin E, this oil is a particularly moisturizing emollient with oxidative stability that absorbs well into skin without blocking pores.

Also contains: Purified water, ecocert certified olive-based emulsification, green process natural plant gums, sodium phytate and probiotic preservation.

Corrective Carno Pearl

Corrective Carno Pearl

$ 38.00