Coconut Cream Cleanser

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Coconut Cream Cleanser is a luxuriously smooth and creamy gentle non-foaming daily cleanser featuring silky rice, moisturizing coconut milk, and non-irritating skin-friendly sulfate-free surfactants for a complete clean and comfortable skin upon rinse-off. A decadent experience with zero artificial fragrance.


Massage a pump into water-dampened facial skin. Optionally work with konjac jelly sponge. Rinse.


Rice Flour:
Imparts a silky and gently buffing texture to smooth skin and aid cleansing.

Coconut Milk:
Offers a naturally sweet aroma while softening and moisturizing skin.

Olive Oil Esters:
Natural-sourced hydrophilic oil used for emolliency and skin conditioning, and as a superfatting agent to prevent stripping of the skin.

Coconut Fruit Extract:
Seals in moisture and delivers critical macronutrients along with the concentrated scent of coconut.

A non-ethoxylated emulsifier made of conditioning fatty alcohols and vegetable source lactylates (derived of fatty acids and lactic acid), conditions skin while binding surface oil and debris for removal.

A soothing component of comfrey known for stimulating healthy tissue formation.

This natural extract from beet sugar is a moisturizing osmolyte that acts to reduce sensitivity and maintain intracellular hydration.

A conditioning and mildly exfoliant natural acid produced by fermentation, also helps to support preservation in natural products.

Also contains: Purified water, sulfate-free and sugar-derived surfactants, vegetable glycerin, ecocert-certified probiotic preservation, green process plant gums, and food grade sodium benzoate.

Coconut Cream Cleanser

Coconut Cream Cleanser

$ 36.00