Grapeseed Lotion

Grapeseed Lotion

Grapeseed Lotion is a powerfully antioxidant lightweight moisturizer appropriate for all skin types, and suitable for adolescents, normal and oily-skin types, and as a pre-sunscreen treatment for everyone.

Directions for use: apply once or twice daily as a lightweight treatment and  moisturizer, or as a treatment in combination with other treatment serums or moisturizers. Watery or gel serums first, oil serums last.


Grapeseed Proanthocyanidins
anti-inflammatory extract made up of antioxidant flavonoids increases elasticity in skin, reduces excess sebum and melanin production, and shows a remarkable ability to protect skin from damage inflicted by uv irradiation, reducing incidents of cell mutation.  

totara tree heartwood extract provides many times the antioxidant benefit offered by vitamin e, and is naturally active against skin-offending microbes, including acne.

natural liquid wax ester similar to the sebum produced by healthy skin, is appropriate for all skin types (from dry to acne-prone) to help protect, nourish, and balance the skin.

Shea Butter  
reparative non-comedogenic, non-greasy, moisturizer and nourishing skin protectant.

Coconut Lipids
specifically fractionated lipids assimilate with skin to deliver critical macronutrients and protect from trans-epidermal water loss.

soothing component of comfrey known for stimulating healthy tissue formation.

naturally occurring free radical scavenger shown to topically increase tensile strength of skin resulting in anti-aging effects.

Cetearyl Olivate & Sorbitan Olivate
non-ethoxylated liquid lamellar emulsification is olive-sourced, Ecocert certified, non-irritating, and functionally compatible with skin.

Sodium Phytate
all-natural plant-sourced chelator helps to protect natural products without the use of potentially toxic disodium/tetrasodium EDTA, and also offers other benefits to the skin such as improved elasticity, skin lightening, and texture refinement.

Also contains: Ecocert-certified plant-sourced Probiotic Preservation, phospholipids, vegetable propanediol, and renewable green-process plant gums.