Hydrating Bio Gel

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Hydrating Bio Gel is a silky hydrating serum that imparts smooth texture and oil-free moisturization while delivering nutraceutical actives that make it also suitable for blemish-prone skin suffering from dryness.


May be applied alone, or first, as a supplement to cream or oil based moisturizers to boost hydration in extra dry skin. Okay to use following other water-based treatments, but should be applied before additional moisturizers.


Biosaccharide Gum: A protective and soothing fermented sugar with slow-release moisturizing effects works to smooth skin and reduce irritation potential.

N-Acetyl Glucosamine is a bio-identical ingredient offering a multitude of skin benefits including increased elasticity; collagen production and hyaluronic acid formation; increased hydration and barrier function; and non-sensitizing exfoliation for blemish reduction and complexion evening.

Niacinamide (B-vitamin) synergizes with NAG to improve the appearance and texture of photo-aged skin, and increase hydration and barrier function.

Hyaluronic Acid:
A bio-identical water-binding glycosaminoglycan that forms the natural gel between cells to hydrate and protect cell structures.

Beet Sugar Extract:
This natural renewable betaine is a moisturizing osmolyte that acts to reduce sensitivity and maintain intracellular hydration independent of atmospheric humidity.

This natural protective antioxidant plant saccharide mimics NMF (skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor), hydrating skin from within.

Vegetable Glycols:
Renewably green-sourced, antimicrobial, and powerfully skin-conditioning Ecocert humectants from natural plant sugars (vegetable propanediol and bio- pentylene glycol) from corn and sugarcane safely replace and outperform cosmetic petrochemicals.

Also contains: Ecocert-certified plant-sourced Probiotic Preservation, DMAE, and Vegetable Glycerin

Hydrating Bio Gel

Hydrating Bio Gel

$ 36.00