Konjac Jelly Sponge

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Konjac Sponges are soft, natural, reusable, gentle physical exfoliants made out of a biodegradable substance called glucomannan, a nutritional dietary fiber sourced from a Japanese potato (or yam). They enhance the cleansing process of skin with (and even without) your regular facial cleanser.

Sponge can be used daily and will last for many weeks. Store sponge outside of the shower between uses, so that it may dry and prevent the harboring of bacterial growth. It is advised to occasionally boil (preferred) or microwave sponge to eliminate potential microbial contaminants.



Soak dry sponge in a cup or bowl of warm/hot water until jelly-soft (maybe 5 minutes). Sponge should not be used while dry or rough.

Apply cleanser to sponge for facial cleansing, or use wet soft sponge to aid in manipulation and removal of cleaner after normal application with hands.

Sponge may also be used with just water in the absence of cleanser for minimalist morning washes, or when sunscreens or makeup have not been included in a skincare regimen.

Rinse and gently squeeze remaining moisture from sponge, then hang to dry in a non-humid location.


Specify preference in order message, otherwise random selection will be made for you (performance is not significantly impacted by selection).

White (plain)

Pink (pink clay infused)

Green (green tea powder infused)

Black (activated charcoal infused)

Konjac Jelly Sponge

Konjac Jelly Sponge

$ 7.00