Lavender Remedy Mist

Lavender Remedy Mist

Natural toning solution for aid in controlling reactive, blemished or blemish-prone skin. Though it can offer a cool and refreshing mist to help ward off potential complexion threats during the day, between washings, it is not considered a hydrator, and may be especially useful applied this way for oily skin.

Can be applied as toning mist or swiped over clean skin with cotton. Use after cleansing, or as needed, to whole face or directly to problem areas. Also useful after sweating, shaving, waxing, or extractions.

Saturate a small piece of cotton with remedy mist and gently press onto a troublesome erruption for several minutes.

Colloidal Silver
Nano-partical silver suspended in water is known to damage and inhibit growth of single-celled pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses (although technically not ‘celllular’), but is completely non-toxic and harmless to multi-celled organisms such as people and animals.

Lavender Water
Knonw to be soothing and anti-inflammatory as well as naturally antiseptic, antiviral, and bactericidal.