Lip Assist - Volume Balm

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Lip Assist Volume Balm is a collagen-building and volumizing lip balm with color tint.

NOTE: Pigmented volume balm sticks are randomly selected for online orders. Batch tints are variable and clients have reported enjoying all options as this product imparts only subtle hints of color or tint on the lips.


Apply as needed or desired for lip therapy. Use at least 2-3 times daily for collagen-building and adipocyte-swelling benefits over time (30 days).


Hyaluronic Acid:
Delivers encapsulated bio-identical water-binding molecules for reconstitution within the lip tissue for volume and hydration.

Collagen Peptides:
Hydroxyproline and collagen building tripeptides stimulate collagen formation while inhibiting glycation and photodamage.

Artemisia Abrotanum & Sesame Seed Extracts:
These extracts naturally encourage the triglyceride filling of adipocytes for tissue plumping.

Pomegranate Sterols & Sunflower Polyglycerides:
Bind moisture and improve skin’s barrier function (green replacements for lanolin, silicone, and petrolatum).

Vitamin E, Gamma Oryzanol & Totara Extract:
Moisturizing antioxidants protect cell membranes and skin lipids from oxidation and the damage from uv irradiation.

Shea, Coconut, & Cocoa Butter:
Nourishing fatty acid rich emollients with peroxidation-limiting, barrier-protective functions.

Meadowfoam & Avocado Oils:
Extra-moisturizing antioxidant emollients with soothing properties.

Emu Oil:
Skin-mimicking lipids reach more deeply into skin than other oils to heal, enhance nutrient penetration, and increase dermal thickness.

Also contains: Beeswax, Peppermint Oil, Polyisobutene, and Micas & Oxides (in color tinted versions).

Lip Assist - Volume Balm

Lip Assist - Volume Balm

$ 8.00