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Oxygen Pro feeds pure encapsulated oxygen directly into the skin where it is effectively absorbed by tissue for repair and rejuvenation. The supply nourishes cells while combatting bacteria and irritation.


Apply normally as a moisturizer.


Clinical bio-therapeutic for hypoxia, topically releases encapsulated oxygen directly into the tissue where it is immediately absorbed by the epidermis and increases oxygenation of the skin by over 100% during the first hour of application, reducing inflammation, pain, bacterial content, and allergic responses among other cellular benefits.

Multi-weight Hyaluronic Acid:
Naturally present water-binding molecules of multiple sizes penetrate to varying depths to help retain moisture in the skin.

Licorice Root Extract:
Skin calming and irritation soothing botanical with additional antioxidant and pigmentation-quelling properties.

Liposomal Allantoin:
Absorption enhanced form of the anti-irritant and tissue rebuilding comfrey compound.

Snow Mushroom and Beetroot Extracts:
Contains polysaccharides that help to hydrate skin, reduce tightness, and plump tissues independent of atmospheric humidity for smoother skin.

Coconut Emollient:
Fractionated coconut lipids that seal the moisture barrier to prevent trans epidermal water loss while delivering critical macronutrients.

Vitamin B5:
Skin soothing nutrient that also exhibits synergy with allantoin for healing tissue repair.

Also includes: purified water, ecocert olive-sourced non-ethoxylated emulsifier, natural probiotic enzymatic preservation, organic shea, and natural plant gums.

Oxygen Pro

Oxygen Pro

$ 60.00