Organic Oil Cleanse

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Organic Oil Cleanse is a single-step natural detergent-free cleanser with healing oils that dissolve the sebum and debris on the skin and then wash away with water. A deep cleansing can be achieved with the accompaniment of a soft facial cloth to easily sweep away all traces of remaining oil and may be preferred by makeup-wearers and the blemish-prone. Removes eye makeup. No need to remove makeup prior to cleansing.

Although the idea of oil cleansing may seem counter-intuitive at first, it may actually prove itself to be the superior and more desirable method. The concept of “like dissolves like” allows sebum-similar oils to soften and dissolve surface debris and old sebum harboring dirt and bacteria, even from within the pores, and rendering it--sunscreen, makeup and all--rinseable once it has dissolved into the cleansing oil. An advantage is that it doesn’t emulsify all your precious barrier lipids, so you are left with conditioned, comfortable skin. This comes in handy for some blemish-sufferers who’ve had a difficult time understanding why their skin continues to break out even when they are keeping it stripped clean.


Before getting into the shower, or wetting hands and face, apply ample amount (approx. 2 pumps) into DRY hands, and massage over DRY skin. Introducing water into this process before you are ready to rinse will render the product ineffective. After spending a minute or more working the oil over skin with fingertips, thoroughly rinse with warm water and fingertips (dry skin conditions), or wipe away with a wet soft facial cloth (deeper cleansing or makeup removal).

Do not store oil cleanser in the shower! Apply and massage product before getting in. This will prevent the loss of slip (ease of use) and effectiveness during the cleansing process due to too much steam/water too early. This will also prevent damaging the product within the container. If you are only a once-a-day cleanser, before-bed cleansing is best as a rule.


Jojoba Oil (Organic):
Known to closely resemble the sebum of human skin (“like dissolves like”), which is probably responsible for its reputed ability to balance skin and regulate sebum production.

Castor Oil (Organic):
Also known as Palma Christi oil (meaning the “Palm of Christ”) for its incredible healing properties, this oil is non-pore-clogging and known for it’s drawing effect which makes it good for pore cleansing and aiding in the resolve of acneic skin conditions.

Totara tree heartwood extract demonstrates powerful anti-bacterial and lipid protecting antioxidant properties. It has shown to have activity against acne, staph, and rosacea, and synergistically so in the presence of tea tree.

Tea Tree:
This pure therapeutic grade essential oil is known for antimicrobial properties useful in tackling infections and acne.

Chamomile Extract:
A soothing botanical known for its high content of alpha bisabolol and matricine, offering powerful anti-inflammatory characteristics.

This pure therapeutic grade essential oil is known for its skin soothing properties.

This therapeutic-grade essential oil has wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects in addition to being a vasoconstrictor that is useful in healing/reducing bruising and bleeding and promoting healthy circulation.

Also contains: Medium Chain Triglycerides, Cromollient SCE, and Olive Squalane.

Organic Oil Cleanse

Organic Oil Cleanse

$ 38.00