Pearl Infusion

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Pearl Infusion is a rich creamy emulsion-like oil serum facial moisturizer, with a potent concentration of purified crushed pearls for age-delaying corrective tissue nourishment and strengthening.

Proper application is richly moisturizing with a non-greasy esthetic, and gradually helps to reduce sensitivity and improve complexion.


Shake bottle and then massage a small portion (a partial pump will suffice) into clean dry face & neck or following other treatment serums or products. Can be used for am and/or pm application as desired, though once per day application is a suitable treatment.


Pearl Powder:
Element of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pearl powder supplies an impressive array of bioavailable nutrients (essential trace minerals and amino acids) to strengthen and beautify skin; supporting tissue repair and regeneration, damage correction, collagen stimulation, and melasma reduction.

Medium Chain Triglycerides:
Natural, non-comedogenic, oxidation-stable, and easily absorbed smoothing moisturizer for skin.

Emu Oil:
A biological oil with a lipid profile mirroring healthy human skin, is uniquely non-comedogenic (non-pore-clogging), significantly enhances the penetration of active ingredients, and nourishes the deepest layers of the epidermis and dermis (not possible with other carriers).

A natural protein essential for the synthesis of healthy collagen, increases firmness and protects from elastin degradation.

Totara Heartwood Extract:
Totarol offers many times the antioxidant benefit of vitamin e while serving as a natural preservative, lipid-peroxidation inhibitor, and antimicrobial effective against staph, acne, and rosacea.

A patented anti-aging extract from coatings of lupin seeds stimulates the synthesis of high-quality collagen to increase elasticity and firmness in the skin (also contains sunflower).

Coconut Extract:
Specifically fractionated lipids assimilate with skin to deliver critical macronutrients and promote moisture retention by reducing trans-epidermal water loss.

Seabuckthorn Berry:
Oil rich in vitamins A, B1, B12, C, E, K, and P; flavonoids, lycopene, phytosterols, and solar protective carotenoids. This oil has been shown in clinical studies to improve skin metabolism and retard skin maturation, slowing the aging process.

An aromatic natural plant terpene (constituent of chamomile) that offers antimicrobial, soothing, and anti-irritation properties for the skin.

Chamomile Extract:
A soothing botanical known for its high content of alpha bisabolol and matricine, offering powerful anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Pearl Infusion

Pearl Infusion

$ 64.00