Plump Solution

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Plump Solution is a sprayable water-based oil-free moisturizing tonic offering subtle contouring effects to face by plumping subcutaneous tissue for a fuller and firmer appearance by enhancing the adipose support structure of skin. This can help to promote a more youthful appearance in aged, thin and hollowing skin, or where there is unwanted fat loss to face or even hands or breasts.


Spritz a few pumps of solution into clean hands and spread into clean skin twice daily prior to other moisturizers or moisturizing treatments used, if required.


This bioactive peptide helps to redefine contours by increasing the adipose support structure in the subcutaneous layer of the skin for firming or replenishing unwanted fat-depletion.

Southernwood Extract:
Naturally increases adipocyte density to mimic filling effects for a fuller appearance while increasing epidermal elasticity and tone.

Uplevity Peptide:
A bio-peptide tailored after molecule found to enhance the expression of genes involved in the organization of elastic fibers and dermal cohesion resulting in increased firmness and dermal structure.

Natto-derived phytocollagen able to penetrate the stratum corneum to hydrate and enhance skin softness and elasticity.

A naturally occurring organosulfur compound and beauty mineral that enhances collagen bundles, helps manage scars, and increases the availability of other nutrients to tissues.

Saccharide Isomerate:
This 100% natural sugar-based humectant creates a skin-binding moisture reservoir to keep skin hydrated for extended periods of time.

Skin-identical lipids restore skin’s protective barrier and offer enhanced delivery and exchange of lipids, enhancing skin moisturization and protection that can help to reduce skin sensitivity and lower irritation potential.

A hydrating and soothing component of comfrey known to stimulate healthy tissue formation.

This B vitamin easily absorbed by skin demonstrates synergy with allantoin, offers mitigation of itching, has an anti-inflammatory effect, and promotes stimulation of epithelization and granulation.

Telangyn Peptide:
This innovative tetrapeptide is specifically designed to decrease the appearance of facial redness and telangiectasia induced by an excessive inflammatory response.

Licorice Root:
An anti-inflammatory, irritation-soothing botanical with skin lightening properties.

Also contains: Purified water, trehalose, hyaluronic acid, ecocert vegetable propanediol, and ecocert plant-sourced probiotic preservation

Plump Solution

Plump Solution

$ 30.00