PS Daytime Defense

Size: 50g

PS Daytime Defense is sort of a tinted dry cream or even a silky paste of high mineral content meant to be worn on the surface of the skin during daylight hours as a last layer of application over other treatments and moisturizers that are meant to be absorbed by the skin. Many clients still refer to it as “makeup” because it tends to offer some degree of smoothing and camouflaging coverage to skin imperfection, but we don’t make makeup and cannot expect to compete with a perfect match foundation market. The purpose is exclusively to make a potent, lasting “chemical-free” mineral cover (that would otherwise be white) visually palatable and therefore at least reasonable or acceptable for everyday wear…no matter what.

Physical minerals reflect ultraviolet radiation without becoming “exhausted” or used up like chemical filters; do not need to be metabolized by the body to rid toxic or carcinogenic byproducts like chemical filters; do not affect hormones like chemical filters; do not clog pores and irritate sensitive skin like chemical filters; do not destroy aquatic life like chemical filters; and additionally, minerals help to protect skin from visible-light assaults such as blue wavelengths emitted by media devices (now being found to contribute to hyperpigmentation and melasma)…chemical filters do not.

Directions for use: This is a water-resistant, non-bleeding product that contains beneficial uv-stable antioxidants, but it is not a moisturizer. Proceed with normal skin care routine before finishing with PSDD. Some form of pretreatment or moisturizer is strongly recommended. Scoop approximately a pea size or so with clean utensil and apply to skin by either patting patches onto skin and then blending together, or by spreading onto clean hands or fingers and spreading over skin. May take some getting used to, and a little goes a pretty long way. Use as much or as little as desired, but more sparing application means more sparing protection. Okay to accent with with makeup if desired/needed. Remove product at the end of the day using Organic Oil Cleanse, or any thorough cleansing product that would also be capable of removing makeup. Proper removal can also be achieved by dissolving it with coconut oil, wiping oil away, and then washing normally.

*It does skin absolutely no favors to sleep in PSDD and could eventually lead to unpleasant dryness or texture. The antioxidants have likely been consumed and we are not trying to compress or embed unabsorbable physical remnants into the skin; it’s like clothing, and you really shouldn’t go to bed in the dirty clothes you’ve worn all day.


Zinc Oxide (25%)
from natural metallic zinc ore, able to reflect and absorb broad spectrum UVA and UVB rays, has antimicrobial properties, and offers skin soothing effects that can heal skin and help calm redness, irritation, and acne.

Titanium Dioxide (14%)
inert natural mineral pigment of crystalline structure with a high refractive index able to reflect and scatter light and absorb and deflect UV rays.

Iron Oxides
non-toxic, antibacterial, naturally pigmented minerals used to mimic skin pigmentation and help disguise or diminish the white-casting of physical mineral covers. Additionally, iron oxides enhance mineral uv protection by actually broadening the range of deflection, and secondarily by allowing the user more comfort in wearing the amount of physical coverage necessary to perform properly.

Crushed Pearls
supply an array of essential amino acid and mineral nutrients to strengthen and beautify skin, supporting tissue repair, damage correction, and redness and melasma reduction.

Silk Powder 
helps to protect skin from uv damage and contains proteins that promote cell repair and regeneration.

antioxidant flavonoid from milk thistle with skin benefits including uv-damage inhibition & correction as well as acne and rosacea care. Studies have demonstrated the prevention and destruction of skin cancer cells by silymarin.

moisturizing antioxidant rice bran extract prevents lipid peroxidation, protects collagen from degradation and contains uv-protective ferulic acid which also boosts the activity of other protective antioxidants.

totara tree heartwood extract demonstrates powerful anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties, and shown to have activity against acne, staph, and rosacea.

Tea Tree  
skin-friendly non-phototoxic therapeutic grade essential oil that has demonstrated synergy in use with totarol for antimicrobial skin applications.

Medium Chain Triglyceride
easily absorbed lightweight oxidation stable carrier made of nourishing fatty acids and esters, sometimes referred to as fractionated coconut oil.

Olive Squalane
light and stable plant version of the squalene found in human sebum that naturally lubricates and protects skin.


Also contains:  silicone, silica, boron nitride, isododecane, and polyisobutene. **All are functional (rather than active) ingredients, allowing safe (non-respirable) application and wear, wearable esthetic, long-wear endurance, depletion resistance, enhanced uv-deflection efficacy, and added skin surface protection/mineral interface. **All are recognized as inert and non-toxic.