Spot Solution

Spot Solution
Size: .25 oz

Fluid spot treatment solution for the drying of acne blemishes, warding off progression, and even drawing out stubborn stagnant pimples.

Using clean fingertip, apply sparingly directly to breakout blemish or trouble spot. It is best to apply immediately upon detection to unbroken skin. Typically once-daily application at night is recommended, but may be applied twice a day on particularly active eruptions where excessive drying is not an issue. For those not experiencing continuous persistent acne, sometimes a single application to an un-inflamed pimple can encourage its resolve within a couple of days.

Salicylic Acid
Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial beta hydroxy acid capable of exfoliating from within the pores of the skin, aiding the release of trapped material.

Totara heartwood extract is a botanical known for powerful antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties and has shown to be effective against acnes.

Tea Tree Hydrosol
Tea tree is known for being antiseptic with antibacterial activity against acne and blemishes. Totara extract has shown to perform synergistically with tea tree.